As family history has it Samuel Webb's known marriages were with Little Olive    (Olive Decker and family #1  and Big Olive (Olive Scott and family #2)


What was not known until recently and after more than 30 years of family history research was that Samuel Webb had a third family with Olive Scotts sister Jeannette Scott.


The mystery and illusiveness of finding Samuel's whereabouts was caused by the fact that Samuel's family surname was Leeper and he changed it to his middle family name of Webb when he married our Olive and then Olive Scott.  When the third family was formed Samuel reclaimed his origional family name Leeper.

There are over 500 Surnames listed within the LIVING and DECEASED databases that have been acquired over the past 30 years.

I am REQUESTING family members with pictures; obituaries, etc., endeavor to forward copies and or the original documents to me for POSTERITY.

I have seen many family pictures at estate and yard sales with no names and it's our children who at sometime in their lives will want to know about their Ancestors and it won't be there for them.

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